Best Fx Trade Market Time


This article discusses about the best FX trade market time to trade various currencies and get the maximum benefits. Well, it has been rightly said that one of the major factors responsible for making FX trading market unique and dynamic is that it works 24 hours a day. Since, it is open 24 hours a day, there must be a time which can be termed as the best Fx trade market time. In FX trade markets, fortunes can change with in seconds. Therefore it is important that you have an idea about when the profitable time to trade FX online is and how to find it. You will get to read useful details and valuable info regarding best online FX trading time in the following review. Let us take a look.


It is important to understand that time plays a crucial role in forex market and it won’t be inappropriate to say time actually shapes your success in the FX trading. Thus, it becomes more significant that you learn how to find out the best time to taken in to account while trying to figure out the best FX trade market time, a few important factors are market activity, trading volume and choosing an appropriate currency pair since there is a wide range of currencies in the FX trade market.


You must be knowing that FX trade market is working 24 hours starting from Sunday 5 pm Eastern standard time (EST) through Friday 4 pm Eastern standard time (EST) and rollovers at 5 pm EST. The FX trade session starts from New Zealand and then it is followed by the Australia, The Asia, The Middle East the Europe and the America.  But, the most significant hours of FX trading are from the US and the UK trading sessions. This is because of the fact that these trading sessions account for more than half of the total market transactions.


The most vigorous FX trade market time for trading currencies all over the globe is believed to be between the opening of London markets around 8:00 GMT and ending with the US FX trade markets closing down at around 22:00 GMT. The busiest time in the forex trading markets are those which come during the overlapping of London and US forex markets between 13:00 GMT to 16:00 GMT. These are the forex hours which are highly liquid. The best online FX trading time is also when the Asian forex markets overlap with the forex markets of Australia and New Zealand. Since, at this time of forex trading the volume of transactions is at peak levels.